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Comment: irrational fear

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irrational fear

The American people have unwittingly bought into the irrational fear generated by the false “War on Terror”. The TSA is used to extract money from a zombie population and to condition the public into giving up their civil liberties under the illusion of “keeping us safe”. The amount of money being stolen from taxpayers to fund the TSA and the DHS is obscene. What’s even more obscene is that this looting of the public purse and turning America into a Orwellian Police State continues to be justified based on the attacks of 9/11 and because we are told that “terrorists” are everywhere just waiting to strike again. Anyone that has taken more than a day researching the 9/11 attacks will find out that our Government lied about what really happened that day. It’s bad enough that Americans are forced to fund Government agencies that do not make us safer, we also continue to pay for the militarization of local, State, and Federal policing agencies so they can abuse us on a more personal, individual, level.

9/11 was no accident. It was a Multi-Nation State Sponsored Covert operation involving several of our closest allies and included elements of our own Government. The motives were many and there remains many unanswered questions but anyone who still believes the official story of 9/11, is willfully ignorant. Israel, The International banking cartel, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and of course the good ole CIA were all involved. 2 facts are undisputable. A 747 did NOT hit the Pentagon and World Trade Center 7 was brought down by controlled demolition. Our own Government is by far the greatest threat to the lives and safety of Americans.