Comment: I recently flew and

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I recently flew and

I recently flew and encountered the caring TSA at all four airport stops.

Las Vegas was the worst. They had a very loud, obnoxious TSA agent who seemed to be in charge of watching people go through the radiation machines. I raised my hands to the sky like a good serf as the man sitting at the desk checked out my package via the monitor. The obnoxious TSA worker lady was still going on and on about "this is why they chose me for this job"... "i'm the best"..

Uknowingly I left my lighter in my pocket which must of alarmed them. I showed them the lighter, stuck it back in my pocket and was told to walk over to "those guys". Now they pulled out some cloth and started to wipe the palms of my hands and placed the cloth in a machine to test for explosive residue.

"One man with courage is a majority." ~ Andrew Jackson