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Comment: Free healthcare is not free

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Free healthcare is not free

Fully half the Canadian federal budget is apportioned for healthcare, and the percentage is growing. It may seem awesome, but just ask anyone who's needed a highly specific procedure how well the system works. More and more people are engaging in healthcare tourism abroad for medical procedures for which there are multi-year wait lists. It is literally rationing, but instead we call it "inefficiencies", as if throwing more money at it will decrease the problem.

And now, the federal government is considering a new EU trade agreement which will grant pharmaceutical companies patent extensions on their drugs. One of the main reasons Canadian healthcare is still "cheap" compared to America is because we have strict patent laws that allow generic drugs into the market faster. (Why do you think there are so many spammy "cheap Canadian meds!" sites around?) By agreeing with the EU laws, get set for healthcare costs in Canada to shoot up once again.

Greetings. Representing Ontario.