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Comment: As do I

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As do I

Hearsay has it (as it was a conversation with my husband yesterday which I have not verified as fact) that Texas seceded during the Civil War and then afterward rejoined the Union. That was news to me…interesting news. I am not much of a historian, but we migrated to this grand state of MO from TX.

I guess my question regarding whether the people of a secession state would still be obligated to the IRS had to do with the original question of whether people would be willing to put up with another tax in order to have a state militia. I was thinking that perhaps a Federal tax would no longer be required, so the idea may be a bit more palatable.

So the IRS is an international organization? I surely did not know that and do not exactly understand. I had thought the IRS was part of the 16th amendment and came into existence with the 1913 Federal Reserve legislation. However, I did a quick check and it seems that Lincoln and the congress created the IRS to pay war expenses…Wow…I guess that was an expensive war since we are still paying.

As far as secession, I was excited to see our State of MO had a petition at the White House and almost signed, but decided I was not going to volunteer my name to the White House. I guess I have not been pushed and shoved quite as far as that Famous Mr. Henry and his “Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death statement, as I also am hoping to wonder a while longer as well.