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Comment: he has a radio show, that reached MANY thousands ...

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he has a radio show, that reached MANY thousands ...

...of listeners; why shouldn't they? They have books and websites to sell too, so it is a smart move...and, I suspect they hope to draw AJ's listeners away from the highly animated anger, blood-boiling state of mind he fosters; and onto personal self-education, and perhaps eventually into a HELPFUL role whereby these listeners lend their God-given talents and understandings to the cause.

Alex "wakes people up", I'll give him that - he frames arguments well - BUT, it's long past time where he should lead by example and be involved in his county Republican Party as a delegate on their executive committee, and, he should be likewise plugging and promoting ALL liberty candidates with his airwaves because holding elective office is where CHANGE can actually be implemented; not yelling at limosines with a bullhorn on YouTube...and protesting at ground zero year-in and year-out which gets us all labeled as "kooks".