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it went from "the R3volution" to "the tea party" and libs dont like the tea parties so they needed something else.
Now, after garytardfest, to the libs involved- it became the "liberty movement" so they could leave 1/2 of pauls philosophies behind.
notice no more mention of "end the fed" and "intervention is OK, someimes!!"
"foreign aid is meant for 3rd world countries who need it, we must help them" or the Prolife stand to pro choice is they aim for... etc etc they are trying to change the message and then they infect Pauls movement, like always. We have seen it all before.

Paul supporters would be smart to expunge the libs among us.
They do not seek Pauls message, they seek to change parts of it.
and will most certainly be hillary supporters over rand in 2016.
many here among us even now, would vote for and support hitlery over rand any day. They use rands endorsement of romney as an excuse but refuse to see hitlery endorsed obama. They use rands endorsement ad an excuse but truth be told, Ron Paul would be the ONLY republican they would ever hold their nose and vote for even though it kills them Ron is a republican. They conveniently forget this and when reminded of it they try and reword or change his movement.
they wont do it but they try and always have.
Paul means death to the lib/welfare movement and they are well aware of it. no different then the neocons who realize Paul means death to the warfare/authoritarian movement

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016