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Citing a 200 year old national claim as authoritative is pretty ballsy. (Anyone think there should be an actual national entity such as Cherokee-land or maybe Seminolia?) Citing a 2000 year old claim is preposterous.

Fact: The nation of Israel was legitimized by a proposed international mandate, which was part of a proposed two state solution to partition Palestine. However the border Arab nations rejected any notion of the creation of Israel; it was a non-starter for them. No matter, the Zionists jumped ahead and declared themselves a nation in May of 1948. THERE IS NO FEASIBLE, VALID CLAIM to Israel before that date.

Since then, the Israeli arrogance has only been exceeded by poor decisions by the Palestinians. The Six Day War was stupid and totally on the Palestinians. They should have accepted the reality of the two state solution to begin with, and they would have a larger territory, more national autonomy and more citizens. But they didn't.

This tragedy is ultimately a function of a series of failures, starting with the British Mandate over Palestine (former Ottoman territory) that began after World War I. The British failed to protect the property rights of the indigenous Palestinians. The Zionists saw an opening and inexorably took advantage.

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