Comment: He is suporting them.

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He is suporting them.

He is supporting them by agreeing to give them an avenue to advertise and essentially recruit for and advance their ideas. I believe the owner is sticking to the principle of profit as he has to keep the site up and running with advertising revenue. He is welcome to do so, but it does show a crack in his ethics if he basically allows the problem to advertise here.

I belong to other sites that ask it's members to report advertisers to them that go against the theme of the website so that they can selectively block that script or whatever they do to prevent the ad from showing up again. And these are large member sites that too use advertising revenue to support the running of their site.

Now on the flip side, a lot of ads cost their company money each time they get clicked and therefore you should make it your daily habit to click on each ad to take money away from these sorts of organizations.

To each there own, I use adblock so I don't see them any ways!