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100% agree with you. I have said this in other comments.

The ethical case is FAR stronger than the scientific case. The government has no right to mass medicate the population without their consent. END OF F-ING DEBATE.

But I have trouble with some of the claims made by the Infowars crowd. The scientific evidence is not there to demonize the responsible, topical use of fluoride in toothpase. There is overwhelming evidence that demonstrates that it hardens enamel and protects the teeth against caries in proper doses. I have seen no convincing evidence to date that demonstrates that the benefits do not outweight the risk when used topically in small doses (which is why I personally use fluoridated toothpaste).

I am very uncomfortable with some of the scare tactics I see being used. I think it hurts the crediblity of anti-water fluoridation movement. I'm being as honest as I can with people. From my dual perspective as both a student of medicine and a staunch anarcho-capitalist, some of the medical claims made about fluoride are so ridiculous that people just laugh. It's sad because there is often a hint of truth to it (like the rat poison thing).

I've had a bunch of people, supposedly awakened libertarians, insult me by saying "keep drinking the fluoride, man" and implying that it is destroying my brain. I used to think that it was a symbolic metaphor, but I have now realized that many people think this is literally true- that the government is brainwashing the public with fluoride. This is the stupid shit I'm trying to argue against.