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I like old sayings, such as this one: "Quit while you are ahead".

I agreed with your post above Bear's. But I disagree with your response to mine.

Tea party is everywhere. However, like Occupy, they are mentally adrift. They are in fact fractured, as I have first hand knowledge, I have and do attend meetings.

A percentage may or may not be 'Ron Paul' republicans. The goal is to increase those numbers, by bringing in from the outside, and also by educating the existing members. The latter is more difficult. Many of the tea party are in fact establishment. They have voted anyonebutobama, and are now discussing candidates that do not line up with Liberty. I have let my voice be heard. While some of what I say is well received, it is still like speaking to a wall.

Debunking what I say is not accurate, or productive.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul