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Comment: That nobody died at the Tea

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That nobody died at the Tea

That nobody died at the Tea Party is not to say that it was not comparable, it led to a bloody war in which the Revolutionaries were none too noble in their own actions toward the Loyalist who opposed them.

War in general during the times of the Revolution, and most the way up till WWI, was conducted in a much different way. It was generally fought out in fields away from towns, near forts or at sea. But in more recent history, since the Industrial revolution has brought people into the cities, it is fought in cities and towns. The Arabs have been under occupation since WWI, and have lost FAR more of their wives and children than Westerners/Israel since. Losing one's mother, father or whole family breeds hatred that lives on for continuing generations.

Britain/France conquered and divided the Ottoman Empire in WWI. Churchill desired to maintain a large military force there in order to maintain their superiority, but he was unable to convince Britain to do so. Between WWI and WWII control over the area was virtually lost. So after WWII they installed Israel in the region, and then the western countries began funding them, helping them economically to expand, and economically to build up military strength. Israel was installed in this area for the very purpose of maintaining instability in the region, and it has been highly successful. Israel is a British tool, installed BY Britain, FOR Britain. If any region begins to unite, there's a orchestrated war as a result. When Iran/Iraq went to war, we funded both sides in order to ensure that neither side won thereby creating one unified country. When Saddam went rogue on them, they took him out so they could install ANOTHER puppet regime. Now they have no puppet running Iran...

The Middle East has been fighting for about 95 years to REGAIN their independence from Westerners. It is the Middle East policy of these Western nations that is killing women and children. If westerners would just take their puppets (including this faux Israel) and leave, then it would all stop. That's all these people have been trying to do for the last 95 years, regain their freedom from foreign tyrants.

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