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Comment: 100% ? An extremely low estimate.

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100% ? An extremely low estimate.

100% ? An extremely low estimate.

What is debt you never wanted (or even, really knew about) to go into, if it's not wealth taken away from you ?

What is wealth taken away from you, if not taxation... that is, theft ?

So, indeed, them central planners and disguised collectivists thieves did pretty good already, way past 100% taxation.

The people has already been taxed in the thousands percents, actually, i.e., altogether :

1. the USD has lost 95% of its value

(anyone has a grand grand pa who put 10 bucks in gold in 1910 ? lucky you !)

2. U.S. gov't debt / GDP now over 100%

3. oh, and the Dow Jones Industrial Avg. has crashed, too, btw

Granted, though ... it took them such a very long time ! ... a hundred years for (1), 60 years for (2), and 10 years for (3)

As we know : an eternity, on all 3 accounts.

I guess we just were born on the wrong end of the first time range.

Ah. Life.


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