Comment: The Bush's don't "lose" because they CHEAT

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The Bush's don't "lose" because they CHEAT

George W. Bush stole the Election in 2000, and again in 2004 (Ohio).

So they won't lose .. even if nobody votes for them. But the Media and right-wing radio, FOX News etc., will present Jeb Bush as the savior of the GOP -- and everyone will believe it.

Jeb Bush will win back the Latino vote.
Jeb Bush is "a uniter and not a divider".
Jeb Bush has gravitas....etc.

The red carpet will be rolled-out, and they will cheat if they have to.

The Bush criminal dynasty has dominated U.S. Policy for the last 70 years ... going back to Prescott Bush (formation of the CIA), Cuba, the Assassination of Kennedy (Poppy Bush), Iran-Contra, the Saudis, Iraq violence, and of course that whole 9/11 thing....

These people don't lose....they steal, cheat, murder, and run Black-Ops!