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Respectfully Disagree

I respect your right to argue the semantics of our argument, as well as your right to ignore the warnings of the so-called Infowars crowd but you can't claim in good conscience that our side is lacking in facts. Concerns about brainwashing are not ill-founded.

As a student of medicine it might do you well to spend just an hour reading the science produced by the medical community ON fluoride ingestion if for no other reason to be aware.

I understand it may not result in action - I know we all have priorities...But not taking action and claiming we don't have the facts are two very different things.

If you want to talk facts - the fact is that Fluoride is just a term for a concoction of chemicals that vary from city-to-city. More simply it is the resulting compound from fertilizer manufacturing dubiously sold to municipal governments under the guise of dental health benefits. This is a FACT and I welcome someone to try and refute it! It is a way for phosphate manufacturers to dispose of their waste without having to pay the money required to do it without polluting the environment. Ironically, their solution was to sell it to the unsuspecting public.

Brainwashing is a loaded term in many ways but if you examine the facts it does seem that Fluoride has a detrimental effect on the brain/ IQ - what else is one supposed to think?

The studies are all supplied in the report/video, if one spends the time reading them.