Comment: I too am in Dental School

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I too am in Dental School

... and the funny thing about this topic is that the most substantial information we've received about water Fluoridation came from our "Community Dentistry" class. They've stuffed multiple lectures down our throats containing statistics to support water fluoridation. Most of my classmates call the course, "communist dentistry."

Here's my opinion. Without fluoridated toothpaste/mouth rinse/topical varnish a large part of the population develops dental caries (cavities) more quickly. The collectivist's solution was to place 1ppm fluoride supplement to the public water system. The truth is that this has certainly reduced the demineralization of enamel for the average joe, but at what cost and is that the most effective way?

In leyman's terms, our enamel is constantly remineralizing (like our bones) and the ions have the opportunity to be replaced with -OH or with -Fl. Fluoride increases the wear resistance of our enamel if it is steadily used to remineralized our teeth.

So, what we know is that...
1) Fluoride = stronger enamel at the atomic level.
2) Too much fluoride is not good (just like everything else). When we receive our fluoride from the water supply, we ingest it systemically, not topically.
3) Topical fluoride is available in toothpaste, varnish and mouth rinse in every town.

Personally, I believe that fluoride should be removed from the public water supply because it not only forces us to ingest it directly (systemically = actually swallowing it) but because it works its way into our bodies in an indirect systemic manner. (If you prepare food using the public water supply, then you're receiving quite a bit more than you think).

Fluoride is like most things. There are clear benefits to using fluoride, but quantity and method are very important factors. Last point, if you're not brushing, the decay will be so sudden and rampant that a fluoridated water supply will be of no benefit. I say we place fluoride in toothpaste and mouthwash with labels. There would be zero price difference and we would all have the opportunity to steer our own ship.