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Life, outside of the womb, is defined by the existence of heartbeat and brainwaves. IMO, this is what should determine when there is "life" inside of the womb. Those things appear at about the 5 and 16 week mark respectively.

As the law currently stands now it just makes no sense whatsoever. If a pregnant mother is hit by a drunk driver and he kills the mother and unborn child the guy gets 2 counts of vehicular homicide. But if that mother were to have stayed home that night because she was headed off early the next morning to go pay a doctor to vacuum her baby out, everything is cool?? sense at all.

I know there are religious folk here and others that will vehemently disagree with me but that's how I see it. The existence of heartbeat and brainwaves define life outside of the womb and there is absolutely no reason those two things shouldn't be used as a metric. Just seems the most sane, rational, logical way at even attempting to begin the discussion with both sides of the argument.