Comment: its happened to every credit

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its happened to every credit

its happened to every credit based fiat monetary system in history it is mathematically inherent in the scheme. The fact remains if you debase the debt based currency with continued printing of money it will crash every time!

It is past the point of no return it has little to do with how corporations take money from the community. The whole system is designed to funnel all the wealth and property from the people to the banksters at the top and that is exactly what its done. Its also the reason why the politicians have never done anything to fix it they are paid off too...

When you inflate the currency in circulation (printed or book entry) it devalues the purchasing power of the currency. When the currency is debt based (created from promissory notes on loans) you must continue to increase the debt or it all collapses. We are at the end of the cycle if they stopped now the economy would come to a screaching halt. they are between a rock and a hard place. Their choices are stop printing now and crash the economy now or continue to inflate and keep the the scheme going till the wheels fall off. Guess which one they have chosen?

So they keep increasing the debt to keep it going a little longer problem is they are in the last 3% of the tipping point were the currency when it goes over the edge has to be inflated exponentially to keep up and becomes worthless seemingly almost overnight even though its taken 40 years to get to this point...

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