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True though the labels and

True though the labels and memes aren’t needed but again you see we're back to square one. Now if we as individuals can intellectually debate these issues without well this is what your doing and that is what i'm doing or this is what she's doing and this is what he's doing we can more better develop and provide concrete solutions. We need solution based discussions, I know people are so anxious to prove a point but tomorrow is coming, it will come everyday and it wont wait on anybody so we need solutions now. What can we do in our immediate communities now in the market to give individuals an alternative to government because once the government consumes them they will be used against the population because they now have something to protect. Police aren’t bad people bu they now have something to protect so they will internally justify their crimes against the population. I'm a newly elected office in my municipality and we are working on banning the police department and union from solicitation for funds and from accepting donations on the bases of indirect coercion. The reason because you see what private corporations have done in New York instead of the police being equally accountable to each citizen through taxation they are now receiving an exorbitant about of funds from outside sources with is leading them to behave in the manner in which they are behaving now. From a fiscal standpoint the tax payer in now becoming the minority. If you cant fund me I'll find and answer to someone else who will.

Again no labeling, no name calling, no blaming, just quick and solid solution to fix a problem. We can all do this in our communities. Look at one small niche problem in your community again no labeling, no name calling, no blaming, no memes just a viable solution. If you don't have the authority present your case to the public and run for office.