Comment: Rand Paul, the champion of the Constitution; NOT

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Rand Paul, the champion of the Constitution; NOT

If I understood him correctly, for years Ron Paul made the point that mandating or prohibiting abortion was not an authority granted to the federal government by the Constitution. So why is Rand now beating the drums for the federal government to start another war on the American public that it cannot win.

When a significant portion of the population does not agree with another significant portion of the population on a morality issue, it never works for government to try to enforce morality. Such laws are widely violated, and create disrespect for the government and those in it who enforce these unpopular laws. The prohibition of alcohol did not work; the prohibition of drugs does not work; the prohibition on gambling did not work (when government saw the profit potential it went into the gambling business); the prohibition on prostitution does not work, and when there was widespread prohibition of abortion, it was still widely available in the back ally.

If Rand succeeds, he will create bigger government, the very thing he rails against. Those with the financial means will simply pay a visit to a jurisdiction where abortion is legal; those who are poor will either seek back ally abortions at great risk to themselves, or will have more babies for the welfare system to support, and those welfare babies will have a much greater chance of becoming criminals themselves.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.