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you're FREE to follow those people off a cliff...'re FREE to encourage others to WORSHIP them for the "good work" they do "for the cause"; and I am FREE to say I am sick of seeing links to his websites articles, and I loathe the idea that any of us being lumped with them because we who have, or continue to source them end up having ZERO credibility when it comes to talking to common citizens who need to get involved at the delegate level and actually CHANGE the direction our government is taking us.

You call me out all you want; I am very keen to the reality that people are making MONEY off this movement, and that is no demostration of "love" for the Constitution as much is it is a love for one's SELF - it's called PRIDE, it got Lucifer booted out of Heaven...Christian evangelists likewise do the same, and toy with the souls of men saying they "love" Jesus - I got advice for you, don't get played...

As the last poster I saw wrote: "This isn't the first time I've seen a really good video by infowars that I wanted to share but couldn't because of the 9/11 conspiracy stuff. Such a shame."