Comment: On intent and outcomes justification

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On intent and outcomes justification

Question :

And when is life NOT worth to be protected a priori ... ?

Here's the catch. The question isn't actually finished :

"... and WITHOUT ANY expected, or desirable, social or economic outcome ?"

Now, of course, one may NOT want to answer the complete question with that "without" and defend, instead, the idea that SOME economic or social outcomes are SUFFICIENT to stop protecting life, a priori, again.

Fair enough.

But then :

I'd suggest to make sure THAT EVERYBODY agrees on these "expected" or "desirable" outcomes.

You know, it's about ... life.

Why stop at babies otherwise ?

Why not continue with "undesirable" skin colors ?

Why not continue with "undesirable" body sizes ?

Why not continue with "undesirable" ancestries ?

Etc, etc.

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