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For me it is not a case of "believing the official fairy tale"

But I still shy away from the 9/11 truth movement (especially Infowars). It's not that I don't care, or I think the government didn't cover it up (of course they covered up there own incompetence) or that I am a sheep, I just feel a lot of the truth movement is not based in "seeking truth" but in confirming bias and paranoia.

When I first woke up a few years ago I got really into Infowars. I used to listen to Alex Jones daily and read Infowars religiously. I got sucked into the speculation and conspiracy theories.

I trusted the Infowarriors and as a result I got burned. Alex Jones (and consequently some of his followers) has a tendency to make very bold and confident accusations in areas he knows very little about. He knows just enough about medicine, for instance, to make claims that might seem plausible to a laymen because they fit into the narrative, but often his claims are blatantly dead-wrong. Science is often counter-intuitive and difficult to understand. It's easy to get fooled.

I still enjoy reading the 9/11 debates, though from what I have gathered it seems that the science supports the obvious explanation that the two planes brought down 3 towers. Is it mind-boggling? Yes. Are the circumstances surrounding the situation fish? Of course. Has the US government done extremely evil things that undermines their credibility? Absolutely without question. But we don't know. The official story, despite the plot holes and contradictions, has a lot more scientific evidence.

There are many things, however, that we do know, like the blatant follies of central banking, and the absurdity of the TSA. I see no reason to mix in uncertainty (the 9/11 conspiracies) with things that are EASILY demonstrated. (Yeah I know a lot of people claim the 9/11 conspiracy is easily demonstrated, but I disagree.) I don't see a reason to mix issues that are very uncertain and controversial with those in which the liberty position is rock-solid and backed by strong evidence.

Anyway sorry to ramble, but this is my 2 Bernankes on the 9/11 issue.