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If murder...

... is murder, the definition must include the death penalty. Why is it okay to kill in those instances? Isn't everyone who has a part in upholding, implementing, voting for, etc. the death penalty, guilty of murder? Can you support the death penalty and be against abortion? Can you support abortion and be against the death penalty? Is that hypocritical? Is it ever okay to kill another? Is it okay in cases of self-defense? What about the fact that women (& girls) would get illegal abortions if the U.S. decided to make abortion illegal? Should Congress protect the lives of the expectant mother by not criminalizing abortion?

I don't like abortion nor the death penalty. When it comes to abortion, like so many other issues, my preference is for the government at all levels to be hands-off. Do not fund it. Do not make laws regarding it.

It's an extremely complex issue. I do not mean to make light of it. I just want our Government to learn that we cannot control everything and everyone, everywhere. And they need to stop trying to do so.