Comment: Putting the blame in the wrong place

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Putting the blame in the wrong place

How is it the customer's fault for the operations of a factory they don't own? Walmart and Sears are innocent here. The fault lies with the factory owner and factory management.

I understand that some people have a viceral hatred for Walmart. I have been competing with Walmart for the better part of my 33 year career in retail, and I will tell you that they are tough competitors, and if you are an employee willing to do the work, there is opportunity to rise and make good pay.

Retail is a tough business. If you want to make money in it, you have to work long hours for little pay, much of it on your feet, greeting every customer with a smile despite in-your-face disrepect and rudeness and a neverending stream of merchandise that needs to be taken care of. If you are good at it, you can rise to various levels of managment, or go into merchandising, or advertising...the pathways are innumerable. The fact that most retail workers don't rise to these positions is evidence that they didn't have the ability, the personality, or the desire put in the time and effort. Trust me, the last thing management is going to do is promote a person who tries to get ahead by bitching about how hard and low paying the work is.

Referring to Walmart, Sears, et al, as 'slaveowners' is unfair. They offer jobs, and people take them, freely. The employees quit regularly (high turnover is normal at store-level). This is not the actions of slavers or slaves, but of free individuals making decisions about their own lives.