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Comment: Didn't expect that!

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Didn't expect that!

Fox "news", through hyperbole, omission, ridiculously partisan punditry, and outright lies, presents a very carefully contrived narrative.It spreads hate, fear, distrust of ANYTHING that isn't white, uptight, and FAR to the right. It promotes a faux-'nationalism', and arrogance about the US' role in the world. The game is truly Divide and Conquer via deception.

And yes, "The other networks do it too."(rolls eyes)....Whatever. One doesn't make the other's agenda or intentions any less insidious. In as much as they promote 'opposite' political views, what it really proves is they're (the networks) working together to keep us divided and pointing fingers at each other. Not unlike candidates for government office, that what is "news" or the supposed truth, is muddied with an ILLUSION of choice.

On the good side, people are slowly but finally waking up, and not worshipping their televisions as much.