Comment: Abortion should not have state sanction

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Abortion should not have state sanction

I think the commission of any crime should entail great risk to the person perpetrating it. Abortion does not belong in state-sanctioned clinics. It doesn't belong anywhere, but if it must be somewhere, then it should be the back alleys. People will always steal, so why have it be illegal? Theft shouldn't be safe for thieves, should it? Should murder be safe for murderers?

Now, mind you I realize that often those who seek abortions are pressured by people around them (abusive boyfriends, parents, school counselors). I think the truly compassionate thing to do is to get women who have a troubled pregnancy to a crisis pregnancy center where they can get real and life-affirming help.

I'm just trying to make the point that just because people will go and do a thing, doesn't mean everyone should demand the state sanction it as 'right.'

BTW, I think there *is* significant agreement in the population that abortion should be *rare*, that it really shouldn't be used as birth control, and that parents should be notified before their child gets an abortion. Most disagreement is about the "hard cases" is it not? And those are what percent of how many abortions are done - 1 or 2 percent?

Finally, nobody is God. Nobody can tell for sure how a life will turn out, even if a baby is born to a poor person. Hmm, a little collectivism here? How unlibertarian. (You might also want to look into what Dr. Bernard Nathanson said about grossly inflating the stats on back-alley abortions back in the day when he used to promote abortion).

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