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Reid's the best you have in

Reid's the best you have in Canada both ideologically and in terms of how much power he has, he's in Ontario. Smith's in Alberta, she's pretty good too and leader of the opposition there. Reid is pro-life, Smith is pro-choice.

The most libertarian event you guys have is this:

Last year both of them spoke there.

I don't know anything about Manitoba. Alberta seems to be the closest thing to a 'free province' in Canada.

There are a couple of other sort-of liberty-leaning people too - MP Rona Ambrose, MP Peter Goldring and MP Maxime Bernier. MP André Arthur wasn't too bad either, but he retired in 2011.

The most libertarian think tank in Canada is probably the Koch-backed Fraser Institute (which many of these politicians are affiliated with), but even that's pretty moderate, it's probably equivalent to Cato in the US.

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