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Third Party Attempts

are progressing. England has the United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP) which is gaining numbers, and the Free Voters party in Germany is doing well. Both are fighting for freedom and freedom from bailouts.

The 10% income tax, with no exemptions and no exceptions, is the right path. Even churches and boy scouts would pay, because there is no end to "pet" projects. As to the money supply, I have no knowledge as to what it should be, I only know that it MUST be reformed.

This progression to a sales tax is a problem for me as I see it. The wealthy may not spend their income for years and pass it on in inheritance. Whereas, the poor must spend all their income just to survive. Currently, I pay 9+% sales tax, just state and local tax. Another 9% on top of the 9% I already pay would be a major hardship and would deter my spending even more.

I also find the value added tax absurd.

A Third Party is our only solution, as repbs and dems will never trust each other, and people like me will never trust either one of them.