Comment: Go over the heads of the RNC

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Go over the heads of the RNC

Advocates of changing the RNC from within have been saying that "the power lies with the people on the local level" for 50 years. Yet no substantive change has ever resulted from this approach because the collectivist hierarchy controls the RNC from Washington. The establishment media side with this hierarchy, the major banks side with this hierarchy, the major corporations side with this hierarchy, and they always find a way to circumvent any substantive changes in the vision of the GOP that the "gatekeepers" on the grassroots level try to implement.

Trying to change the RNC from the local level is, as I pointed out in my article, like trying to change the policies of the Mafia by joining them and reasoning with them. The RNC is like the Mafia, a criminal organization with no desire for freedom and the Constitution. Its desire is for power. And power is maintained by circumvention, deception, stonewalling, smearing and squashing all rebels. This is what they have been doing since the days of Eisenhower.

Nothing will ever change from this until someone breaks the monopoly of ideas and thinking that perpetuates the Demopublican mindset. This can best be done by a third-party challenge that gets a Ron Paul/Ross Perot type politician into the national TV presidential debates, where he can take the case for freedom to the people themselves.

When the "people at large" voice their desire for getting rid of the income tax and the Fed, then meaningful change will come about. But this requires a dramatic sales campaign geared to "the people," not the RNC hierarchy. The RNC doesn't care about the truth, but the people do. The only problem is that they are not being told the truth by the Republican establishment, and they will never be told the truth by the RNC, because doing so means an end to their power and status, an end to their riding around in black limousines.

But a third-party candidate could tell them the truth if he gets into the national TV presidential debates. This is where we must take our stand; we must go over the heads of the RNC.

Nelson Hultberg
Americans for a Free Republic
Dallas, Texas