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Zero cavities

Unfluoridated water here. We had to take the pills a handful of times in elementary school, then it stopped (backlash, I guess). I really had poor discipline in brushing my teeth when I was younger, but in the past few years I have started to care. My teeth used to be super sensitive to sugar and cold stuff because of being a young idiot and not brushing, and drinking nothing but soda and other sugar drinks. They still are, but not as much since enamel doesn't grow. I don't ever have dental cleanings and I don't floss. I started buying fluoride-free toothpaste like a year ago. The only problem I had with my teeth was a rotten wisdom tooth, but because it was half buried under the gum for years. Teeth are supposed to be ivory, or off-white, not blinding. Whitening crap combined with the fluoride just guarantees that you need to constantly visit the dentist for life.

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