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This past RNC woke many up

My committee chair apologized to me and another Ron Paul Committee member about what happened at the RNC. It shook people up to see for themselves the censorship. They began asking, "Why do you pay a tribute but not let Ron Paul speak, or for his delegates to say his name when he won?" And I think the "So goes Maine, so goes the nation" struck other delegates, who as they came to meet us, and listen to us, .. on my committee, we make sense, and while we are not winning every vote, I KNOW I am the future of the GOP. I KNOW we are the future, and it's a good fight, because not everyone wants freedom, but those who do want freedom are in the GOP, on these committees, and listening to us.

Rand is getting quite a bit of attention, and it would not shock me to find that we are suddenly going to find ourselves being THE leaders in the GOP.

Locally, on my committee, where I'm volunteering to run committees. one being the youth committee so I can get the parades.. because I want to do float is local parades.. we have great local parades, where up to 26 peace groups always dominate.. and my dream is to have a GOP float with people offering monoply money to the audience that has End the Fed Notes, and we do a anti-drone drill, our message being to restore the Republic to sound money, peace and Liberty.

There is a mantel of shame on the GOP, and many don't want to cop up to it, but they are not a proud group.. they hide in fear of being attacked.. we can change that. It's a matter of showing up to committee meetings and doing the job of running the party.