Comment: Not so sure about that, and that's not what I see happening.

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Not so sure about that, and that's not what I see happening.

"That kind of person would break a branch off the tree and stab that damn snake because they would see right through it."

I don't see it that way, and even Jesus knew Love wasn't enough. It was a debate between the sword or love. Ultimately he chose to die, because neither the sword in his hand, nor the love in his heart can save these people. They have to choose for themselves.

He chose to die fighting against our sins. He died fighting against the world covetous men created. He died serving God, with truth, love, and even the whip, but you can't win with any of them, and it's not a team sport. Ultimately you're going to face this on your own.

If you would have just "stabbed the snake through the heart", why call it religious propaganda? I thought the tree just represented knowledge? Why stab somebody offering you knowledge and free will?

EVEN LOVE can be corrupted by the snake, especially when it comes from a man without conditions. A genocidal population reduction advocate claims to "love" mankind as well, and without condition, and he thinks he's SAVING humanity from itself, much in the same way a Game warden thinks he's saving the local deer population.

God Save US ALL from an Atheists version of love. When we become a herd of soulless animals, what we'll get is a Shepherds love, and not the Shepherd of all men, but a man who wants to be be your Shepherd.