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Suppose you are approaching a stop sign at a 4 way intersection. Suppose there is a policeman parked in the burm between 2 of the streets near that intersection.

Suppose that you were driving and didn't see any stop sign?

The ordinance has been established that you must stop at the stop sign, and failure to do so would result in a citation/ticket/fine.

The police officer, upon stopping you, 'enforces' the ordinance by giving you a citation/ticket. Of course, you can either rip it up if you wish, fight it in court, or pay the fine. Either way, the officer performed his job. Thus, 'enforce' the ordinance, instead of 'looking the other way'.

But I didn't see any stop sign. because previous to my being there, another car had driven over it. It wasn't htere, and yet, the police office is issuing me a citiation for something that is no longer there, so that is why we say Restore the Republic.. Restore the Stop Sign.

When Bush said it was "just a GD piece of paper", that was the clue, the stop sign has been removed and the we're employing a police state to uphold not the constitution, but the UN Agenda for a global government.