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The aim is not to change the RNC particularly.

The aim as I understand it is to change the Republican Party entirely into something resembling what it pretends to be. The Granger who has responded below to your comment is one of those who have chosen to take that route and I believe she will be influential in changing minds within the Party structure.

You place a lot of credence in the Party "hierarchy" and the forces that control it through the media and the special interests. At the same time you believe that "when the "people at large" voice their desire for getting rid of the income tax and the Fed, then meaningful change will come about". If this latter is the case then that is when the Ron Paul Republicans will be ready to complete the takeover of the Republican Party.

Otherwise the powers that you believe are very much in control will simply use their power to convince the "people at large" that their desire for change will best be served by voting for the unreconstructed duopoly rather than some "Johnny come lately" third party. This has been their game for the past one hundred years and will not change.

The optimum scenario you envisage depends upon educating the "people at large" who are powerless and controlled by the forces you believe to be invincible. The plan of the Ron Paul Republicans is to educate the members of the political structure who wield all the power at the State level (not the ones at the top of the hierarchy in D.C.) and who will be moved by any change in public sentiment such as you imagine can happen. This has always been Ron Paul's contention.

Let us not forget that Ron Paul himself will be in the public eye continuously after leaving Congress and working to educate the "people at large" from whom no doubt many will join the Republican Party committees as Ron Paul Republicans.

No matter which way one looks at it the idea of starting another political party is far less attractive and feasible than taking over the Republican Party. The vehicle to change the direction of the country already exists. It does not need to be built from the ground up. What you conceive of as being a quicker and smarter way to achieve the same goal is actually a dead end that will simply draw energy away from the only workable plan that is already well underway and just needs more shoulders to the wheel.

It may require a rethink on your part Nelson and a redirection of your energies but it seems to me that your ambitions would be better served by getting on the Republican Party takeover wagon and riding it to victory. I agree the Party structure appears to be controlled by a powerful minority who will be difficult to dislodge but that is I believe their Achilles' heel. Their confidence in their ability to stay on top will be their downfall. The powers against them are greater that the powers that are for them.

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