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That is an interesting

That is an interesting premise.

It is hard, I have 2 boys. It would be easier if it were just myself.

My husband went to the doc last week...the nurse asked him if he wore his seatbelt.

If they ask me, I'm going to say it is none of your business. I wonder if they will say then you will not see the doctor?

What if my son needs to see the doctor? He had pneumonia and missed 9 days of school this month. Me, I could lay down and die, but I could not do that to him.

They made me fill out the annual paperwork. I have them a hard time about all the questions and said it was a "conditioning." The gal at the front desk took the paper work from me and told me I didn't have to fill it out. I took it back and said, yes I do because if my son is in the hospital they will not give me any information if I am not on his HIPA list. She agreed. I said. see.

I could go on. But what I really want to know is about Rand.