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even your language is arrogant--

why the amazing loyalty to the state of Israel?

Your words remind me of the words of some of my 'fellow' American friends who will defend America, however rotten, to the very last--

"we're good; we're good; we're good; we're free; someone else did all the bad stuff"--

There are quite a few people on DP who acknowledge that Israel does not equal Judaism or Jews--

There are people on here that acknowledge that even some Muslims have done some very bad things, but one of the things that I find is almost always lacking in those posts that are so strongly pro-Israel is a contempt for Jews who do not agree with where Israel is going--

those Jews (in and out of Israel) who protest, who object, who point out Israel's failings (as a state)--

this is suspicious to me--

It's all right on DP to talk about the Iranians who find their government tyrannical and oppressive; many DPers know such Iranians, but for those who are as powerfully pro-Israel as Liberty_First, it's not all right for *you* to acknowledge that there are those within the state of Israel who are Jewish, ostensibly, or at least are not Muslim or Christian, who feel oppressed and terribly concerned--

when those of *us* on DP who don't see Jews equals Israel point this out--

*you* argue back that Israel is better than __________, etc.--

and find some way to defend Israel--

*you* will, then, defend Israel from many Jews who find that something is not right there, just as many Americans find something is not right in America--

these feelings of discontent fuel liberty movements--

so . . . what is Liberty_First doing on DP, after all?

If all *you* are doing on here is apologizing for Israel (in the sense of being an apologist, not that you find any fault with the state)--

it's hard to believe that liberty really comes 'first' with you--

it's quite easy to see that Israel comes first--

if you are American, then you are probably just another dual citizen.

The way *you* throw around the term "anti-Semites" is . . . remarkable. As though you think anyone is buying that anymore.

I'd like to put you into a room with Rabbi Weiss or Noam Chomsky and see how long you'd last, but I suspect you are a pro-Zionist Jew of some type who would call those men self-haters--

and as such you could never be reasoned with--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--