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Comment: I didn't say that they didn't have Israelite "blood"--

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I didn't say that they didn't have Israelite "blood"--

(Khazars or Ashkenazi)--

the point is that, because they are/were Jewish (but converts) they have made those DNA connections--

how many other Europeans would make them but haven't bothered?

The fact is that they are not Sephardic--

That they are part of an immense diaspora I don't doubt--

but how many people in the world are!?

At least one African (and very black) tribe is--

no, I don't have the WSJ article, but it was very extensive, and it was done during a time when things were not so tense in the middle east--

it was done in a casual, non-political, academic way--

Yes, I wish I had kept the article; I read it thoroughly, cut it out, shared it with my spouse, talked about it with a few close friends and then lost it--

I'm sure the evidence can be found somewhere; there are quite a few African Jews (practicing for many centuries) who have tried to integrate into Israel and found it difficult--

Who decides who is a Jew and who is not, when all those arguing claim to be Jews?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--