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I am a Christian, too--

and I don't believe that the nation will be established by temporal powers, but by God--

and those Jews who have refused to go along with the temporal powers are the ones most likely to be there when Jesus Christ is acknowledged as their Lord and Savior, not the ones who have been majoring in warfare--

Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace--

Most of the first Israeli 'settlers' weren't even believing Jews; they came from Russia (many) with a lot of communistic ideas--

and had little patience with Orthodox Jews.

Orthodox Jews are the Jews who really believe in God (Yah-Weh) or G-D--

they are the ones who have large families, are powerfully pro-life and don't believe in spreading war and destruction.

They are the ones who want to live peaceably. Those who do not share those values (who are Jewish) will more than likely cause their own destruction, and the Jews who did not uphold the temporal state--

who believe in the spiritual gathering--

will be here to fall down at His Feet and worship Him--

I've been reading the bible my entire life, and I read it over and over and over again, especially Revelations, but also the minor prophets. I have dissected every possible prophecy--

How many Jews do you know, practicing Jews?

I know very few who practice. I know a lot of Jews; there are some in my family--

most of them have become Christians--

Those who were raised in Orthodox families have mostly become atheists. I think this is interesting. If they are atheists, what is the point of having a land promised to *them* by God?

The one Orthodox-raised family member we have who took regular trips to Israel as a child--

could care less about the country now--

it's just another country, though his children, mostly now Christians, have gone over there--

Satan has a counterfeit for everything. God is not respecter of persons. He will reward those who love Him.

And those who do not love Him will condemn themselves, whatever religious label they put upon themselves--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--