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Comment: I think I see a trend in the

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I think I see a trend in the

I think I see a trend in the arguments being made in support of Rand Paul in this thread. Here is what I'm seeing:

"But he can win!"
"Now is the time to stick together!"
"Rand is the lesser of the evils!"
"Rand is only compromising now so he can win, and then he'll do the right thing!"
"Rand Paul isn't as principled as Ron Paul, but he is good enough!"

So, it's interesting to note that all of these arguments could be used to defend someone like.... Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Obama, etc.

Try it out...

Should I write in Ron Paul? --- You should vote for Mitt Romney, he can actually win!

-- Don't vote for Ron Paul, now is the time for Republicans to stick together behind Mitt Romney!

-- Mitt Romney is the lesser of two evils! Anyone but Obama!

-- Mitt Romney is only compromising on some issues now to confuse the democrats and get their votes. He'll get rid of Obamacare 100% when he gets into office, and much more!

-- Mitt Romney isn't Ron Paul, but he is good enough for now. We need to get rid of Obama!

I'm not saying there aren't good reasons for supporting Rand Paul, I'm just saying if we're going to support him I'd rather not do it for all the same reasons that I've been calling 'unprincipled' for the past six years or so. Whatever our movement decides to do, whoever we get behind, we should be able to come up with better arguments for it than what I'm seeing here. And if you really want him to win you're going to need to do it anyway, so you may as well get started now.

I suggest we stop calling one another names and getting angry with one another and really start talking about policy and the issues that matter. I think the best thing supporters of Rand Paul can do is be honest about his faults and organize to influence Rand back in the right direction on those issues. That seems to be a much more constructive approach than the base level argument we're having here now.

There is nothing wrong with supporting a candidate and maintaining your ability to actively criticize them when they are wrong. The honesty we maintain with ourselves will bring much respect for our movement.

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