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you made a point

a sensationalist post about cops and how bad it is to do
do you think cops make it dangerous?
do you think they escalate dealings with people?
do cops ever go to court and lie on the stand?
do they ever plant evidence? this one here i pointed on an
episode of cops!!!watched the cop with folded hand plant weed into a car,the camera showed an empty seat,then the pot was there!!
let me ask this question,to see where you stand
which laws are people responsible to be under?
if we as a nation are under the constitutions,then how can there be
thousands of these so called laws we are under?
do they no violate the const,and the same people in the process?
to answer you,no i do not hate cops,nor anyone else for that matter
i don't have that ability
what i do have is common sense,and it tells me,we have no laws to follow,but in fact laws are written to reign in the governments
but are foisted upon the ignorant masses as it is easy money
and there are so many of us
cops do not stand in the gap of a morally corrupt society
laws do not create a moral society

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence