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frankly I don't care--

your attitude or your demeaning way of writing about others is what I chose to care about when I wrote that post/response.

I don't care about Israel's government; I am not that fixated on Israel--

I don't care about the governments of any nation, but America, and caring about the American government is a full-time job for me--

I do support what Dr. Paul says--

I don't believe that Zionists are responsible for all the evil in the world at all; they are a sub-group of a group of tyrants of all stripes who want control over others--

merely one sub-group. It just happens that right now the middle east around Israel/Gaza is super-charged, and so many of *us* are asking questions.

I don't know where Liberty_First gets the idea that many on DP 'blame' Israel for the occupation of Afghanistan, etc.

I do believe that the CIA and Mossad have probably worked together, as has British Intelligence.

There is not just one evil group in the world; there are many, and I do believe that sometimes they work in symbiotic relationships--

the fact is that I, for one, have gotten tired of the media bias towards Israel for the past 30 or more years--

I have too many friends (mostly Christian) who are very hateful towards Muslims--

my response to that is to try to find out what is really happening, and what I have found out is that Muslims are a scapegoat group to further the agenda of the tyrants/globalist/banksters, some of whom just happen to be loyal to the Israeli government--

but not all of them; there are many who have no ties to Israel at all--

What I have observed, personally, from both my family (which is part Jewish) and friends and others--

is that Jews are highly intelligent, very ambitious people. I have never met a Jew with a low IQ. I have never met a Jew who did not want to 'corner' whatever 'market' he/she was dealing with, whether business or academic or medicine, etc.

Very competent people; I know; I have Jewish relatives, though I am not Jewish--

always thinking ahead of everyone else--and less relationship-centered than people upon whom many Americans look 'down' (brown people, such as Africans and Arabs, etc.)--

Yes, families are important to Jews, whether practicing or not, but more as a social network--

Most of the Muslims I have known (always very kind, mostly humble, hospitable people) are more relationship-centered and less ambitious; they are not less intelligent, but they are more centered on their spiritual environment than on competition--

they are an easy group to scapegoat--

I believe that those who are the most evil in the world are using everybody--

yes, they (the most evil of all) use the 'brains' of the Jews who are Zionist--while denying the brains of those Jews who are not for the 'agenda'--

They use the religious fervor of the Muslims (against the wishes of most Arabs/Muslims)

and exploit Africa, South America and Southeast Asia abominably--

These people don't care about religion; they don't care about faith; they don't care about other human beings--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--