Comment: Good "Parenting" - As it Relates Here and to Foreign Policy

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Good "Parenting" - As it Relates Here and to Foreign Policy

Duh. Let them hand out flyers without interference, and they'll quit when they get tired/hungry. Basic parental tactics. Bullying isn't going to win.

Pick a fight, and if they were regular folk, they'd probably cave, but these are more like a typical teenager (i.e., activists and rebels), and picking a fight only means "they" win no matter what happens.

Pick your battles. Trying to come over all authoritarian doesn't always work, and in this case, the whole thing would never have been posted on the DP if they had all acted reasonably like the officer.

It's kind of like trying to force other countries to be "peaceful" and respecting of human rights by using guns on them, when leading by example and defending their liberty, would work much better.

What do you think?