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I agree with you 100%

However, I think that making the the technology more accessible to people that don't generally use or like or even touch computers is necessary before there is major adoption. I consider myself pretty educated in the realm of computing I can build a website I can create excel macros I can code a little bit in Python. However, I still find that keeping a Bitcoin wallet is a little bit of a pain. I have used Bitcoins before, never owned more than two but I would always have an issue keeping a Bitcoin wallet and would delete the program and forget where I put my wallet.dat file. These are things that need to become easier for people. Users of Bitcoin need to be able to access there money from multiple computers for instance if you are using a public computer from a library with a lot less trouble. Once those things become easy for everyone I think you will see a huge jump in Bitcoin usage. Unforutately the Bitcoin client is still in beta mode its version number hasn't even reached one yet so in reality we are just playing with an experimental product. I do have a lot of hope in Bitcoin.

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