Comment: Vultures gather where there is a feast

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Vultures gather where there is a feast

The Liberty Movement is a feast for all who wish to make a profit. Both arguments made between PatriotsUnderGod and Montgomery Scott have merit. There are definite instigators within the DP... Liberty_first for example, but I don't believe either of you to be a divisive tool. It is true that the Liberty Movement is filled with people who can afford to rattle cages and make large claims in order to feed their wallets. Alex Jones is that... nothing against him, you just have to know what you're dealing with. The narrowness of confining this characteristic to mainly infowars, is a mistake. As someone who witnessed this personally at Paul Fest, I hold no illusion that even those we lend favor to "blindly", because of association, are primarily concerned with the movement before the concern of lining their pockets. I'm talking about big name speakers who were also at Ron Pauls Sun Dome Convention.

We must rise above History. As a resistance, we have not the privilege of bitterly arguing with one another. Not to say we all have to agree, but we MUST NOT divide. Most people here know... and if you don't, you need to learn quick that our enemy will sew seeds of division among us. We MUST NOT divide.

Bottom line... Alex Jones and Infowars is better than most of the crap out there... period. Do they sensationalize? Yes. But almost every news outlet, with Ben Swann as an exception, does. The question about 911 is simply this. Would you not speak out against the Fed and the police state simply because others don't believe you and call you crazy? No. You simply don't care what they think because you know that they are just unwilling to accept certain things. The same is true for the 911 conspiracy people. People who dismiss them as crazy, very much exercise the same narrow-mindedness that sheeple do when we speak to them about the emerging police state.

Why is it that we could claim that the true Goal of our Government is to subject us to absolute despotism and then use for evidence, the SAME type of evidence that 911 truthers use to build their argument? It is the same type of evidence... please someone show me the smoking gun to the Federal Reserve Conspiracy of International Bankers and Ruling Elite to form a NWO?... I believe we all have come to that conclusion by piecing together a long string of circumstantial evidence... so much circumstantial evidence that the possibility of any other conclusion becomes close to zero. I'm sorry, but the amount of circumstantial evidence that supports an inside job is just as great.

I do agree that of all the pills to swallow, 911 is the hardest and surely turns many off, who would possibly come to believe the Federal Reserve Conspiracy or Police State Emergence.

Should certain truths be reserved for people at certain stages of their awakening? Some may argue no, but both sides have merit. Please think about what our goal is and to try not to be overly critical of those who you may feel are representing you poorly.

If Dr. Paul has taught us anything, it is that if you don't like your representation, then represent yourself.

With Great Love And Respect,
Victor Escobar