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I find it fascinating all the talk of curtailing individual sovereignty for half the species. People argue for small or no government and in the same breath run to the government for force in protecting something which is not theirs to protect.
Pro Choice is NOT pro-abortion.
Abortion is clearly a societal issue, NOT a government one. Extend this power you thrust upon the government into the future. I see camps for pregnant women, to assure they give the fetus all chance at survival; after all, the pre natal period is the most critical. Perhaps the government should round up all women as soon as they get pregnant, it’s just good sense. I doubt anyone on this site can doubt that the government is capable of such a thing.
Ron Paul is defiantly a Pro Life guy. But he knew enough to keep this issue out of the government.
Free humans can only give each other choices, and remain free. Demands are the water that erodes Liberty.

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