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You got the wrong guy. I left the leftist, progressive republican party shortly after Ron Paul. I DETEST the leftist republican party and work to strengthen third parties. That's why I was THRILLED to see the Tea Party pop up... FINALLY (I thought)... A CHANCE TO FINALLY BREAK AWAY FROM THE R vs D SCAM!!!!!!!!! I still remember the first viral youtube clip:

WOW!!!!!!!! An ORIGINAL TEA PARTIER explaining to the democrat/republican media "It's NOT democrats, it's not republicans, IT'S ALL OF 'EM!!!!!

Imagine my indescribable excitement! YES!!!!! I'VE BEEN SCREAMING THIS FOR DECADES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then... imagine my indescribable DISGUST, to see the DISEASED VAMPIRE leftist republican party slowly body snatch it, de-fang, de-claw and de-nut it. To see politically unsophisticated tea partiers CONSUMED by a republican SNAKE (that is NOT the Gadsden rattler).

BUT WAIT!!!!!!!
A miracle... the Liberty Movement sprang up!!!! YES!!!!!!! It SEES the Tea Party's been co-opted and the NON-CO-OPTED have evolved into something else! YES!!!!! THESE GUYS GET IT!!!!!!!!!!! F the R's!!!!!!!!!!

Then... (you guessed it) RIGHT ON SCHEDULE, the DISEASED VAMPIRE LEFTIST REPUBLICAN PARTY is currently trying to AGAIN... slowly body snatch it, de-fang, de-claw and de-nut it. The head vampire? NONE OTHER THAN RON PAUL'S FRIGGIN FRAGGIN FARGIN SON!!!!!!!!

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.