Comment: Yes...I knew that and fully understand...

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Yes...I knew that and fully understand...

...where you were coming from.

I am simply nonplussed about the meme itself and the willy-nilly use of the diatribe of "anti-semite" to detractors of the Israeli government's chosen tactics and activities upon this world.

Personally I have no frame of reference to see Jews any differently than I see any other in this world that I am well acquainted with, as I grew up a gentile in a predominately Jewish neighborhood.

Until 9th grade, I attended predominately Jewish public schools being one of two or three kids out of 30ish in a class that "had to" attend school on Jewish holidays. I even lost my virginity to a Jewish girl (gladly and with fond memories of the experience!) And of the few fingers on my left hand upon which I count those I consider to be my true "friends"...two of my digits are occupied by Jews...albeit Ashkenazi rather then Shemite...which again brings me full circle to my ire at the audacity of idiots like this Liberty dude/dudette and the ilk that he aligns with.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?