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David, I answer all your

David, I answer all your points in my book, Breaking the Demopublican Monopoly: How to Unify America with a Third-Party that Can Win.

The complete corruption of our Demopublican political structure cannot be settled in sound bites and article commentary. The GOP reform bandwagon that everybody is so gaga about is nothing new; it's been around 50 years. It is fatally flawed because of basic human nature and the monopolistic structure of the debates that the Demopublicans have put in place.

I have been observing Republican reformers since the days of Goldwater. They didn't understand the beast then, and today's reformers do not understand it either. But if one really wants to know what the beast is about and how to truly defeat it, then he needs to read my book. All else is a waste of time.

Nelson Hultberg
Americans for a Free Republic
Dallas, Texas