Comment: Uncle Ben! Got tool ideas? Win prizes fron the US Treassury!

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Uncle Ben! Got tool ideas? Win prizes fron the US Treassury!

Yes Uncle, it is true! The US Government is giving away prizes for tool ideas! They discovered foreigners are using mobile devices to access your global financial information. You, with all your ideas, may already be a winner! Here is our Rosie Rios, US Treasurer announcing the plan.

Rosie Ries, US Treasurer offers prizes for financial ideas! Mobile application! Listen to these 2 minute introductory offer.

You may be the first to patent your idea on how to save our economy.

  • Fiscal Cliff, Save America App
  • National Debt, Co-Sign for America App
  • Bailout a Foreign Nation App
  • IMF Loan Broker to Foreign Nation App
  • Word Bank Loan Broker to Foreigner at Large App
  • And for a limit time only, "Save the Fed" App

Hurry. Operators are standing by. Uncle! We mustn't dawdle. Pip pip!
_______________________ Fine Print__________________________

The U.S. Department of the Treasury, together with partners the D2D Fund & the Center for Financial Services Innovation, kicked off the MyMoneyAppUp Challenge to solicit ideas from the public for mobile applications to help Americans shape their financial futures everyday—even while on the move. ... To submit your ideas, visit

Your Treasurer, Rosie Rios (My signature is in your wallet.)

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