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You misunderstand

It seems you may believe I am for abortions. Let me assure you, I am not. China's situation is different, but they also have taken the power of life and death. You want to give power of life. It’s not a single, life and death are paired. This gives power of life and death to government. Same as China.

In the 1913, do you think everyone believed that eventually the banksters would siphon off most of America’s wealth when the FED was created?

If a loved one was in that situation, I would argue in favor of life, I would offer financial support, moral support, whatever it took to offer a choice. I would NOT forbid that person from making their own choice; I'm not a mafia thug.

I also am not China, or in support of China's policy. And I am not a right wing Romney supporter; please don’t accuse me of supporting Romney. Also, you seem to see a distinction between Romney and Obama, where none exists. The only difference between them is the color of their skin. Underneath, they are both pure evil, neither can be trusted on what spews from their mouths.

As far as forbidding women in general, I really don’t have the resources to care for all these people, do you? When the illegal wars have stopped, and the stupid drug war, which forces some women into a corner, where they don’t see the peachy keen world you seem to live in, maybe life will be in fashion again.

Society is so broken right now, if the pro-lifers win, it will become a panacea to solve all our problems. Let’s fight to protect all fetuses; after all, we got all these empty camps. What about the human that results from an unwanted pregnancy? What responsibility does society then have to them? Well, we got these camps. ;)

If you want to save lives, try saving a few that have already been born. Don’t they have as much value as a fetus?

Just open the box and see